Wednesday, 8 November 2017

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States

These 5 Things You Should Never Do when visiting the United States...

Are you traveling to America for the first time? Whether you are Indian, Chinese, African, Arabian, Japanese or from any Country in the World You Should know these 5 Traveling Tips before visiting America for the first time.

5. Do not leave carriage-and-baby outside:

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States, Do not leave carriage-and-baby outside
Do not go to a restaurant or a store with your baby in a carriage and then leave carriage-and-baby outside on the sidewalk while you are inside. This is a common practice in some Scandinavian and Northern European cities but in New York or Chicago it is viewed as child abandonment. It may very well get you arrested and your baby placed in foster care. It has happened. (Toddler, Left Outside Restaurant, Is Returned to Her Mother)

4. Do Not Allow Young Child to Urinate or Defecate:

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States
If you are traveling with a young child and the child needs to urinate or defecate, do not take down their pants and allow them to do so in a city gutter or a storm drain, as is acceptable in some cultures. Instead find a public restroom or toilet and accompany them into a stall, if at all possible. In addition to the hygiene issues—public nudity, even on the part of young children, is frowned upon in the United States and may generate complaints or conflict. (Can There Be a Problem With Your Child Urinating in Public?)

3. Do Not Get Out of your Car:

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States
If you rent a car here and are driving, and a police car pulls you over, do not get out of your car. This is considered threatening behavior and could result in a very bad outcome. Just pull your car over in a safe place, roll your driver’s side window down all the way, turn off the engine, and remain seated with both hands on the steering wheel and your seat belt fastened. The officer will run your license plate number through their computer system to verify that the car is not stolen, and then walk up to talk to you. (What to do After Being Pulled Over for a Traffic Stop |  

2. Do Not Try to Take any Leftover Cannabis:

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States
If you are visiting a state in the U.S. where recreational marijuana use is legal (as it is in Colorado), do not try to take any leftover cannabis onto the grounds of an airport or out of the state by car or other form of transportation. Law enforcement in adjacent states are known to wait on the highways across the state line and pull over rental cars or cars driven by young people. There are still criminal penalties for possessing marijuana in many places. Know the laws before you come to the United States if you are seeking a legal high.

1. Do Not Over Drink :

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States
If you’re traveling alone and you go to a bar or nightclub in an American city, do not drink freely on the assumption that it is OK to stumble back to your hotel at the end of the night, or that the new friends you just made will make sure you stay safe. Our society is more geared to individual responsibility than to collective hospitality. Weaving down the sidewalk could get you robbed, or detained by the police (public intoxication is a crime in California for example). And your “new friends” may or may not have any interest in walking you back to the place you’re staying. If they do, their intentions may or may not be positive for you.

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do when Visiting the United States, travel tips first time, tips and things to know before visiting America


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