Monday, 25 July 2016

5 Cute statues of Birds and Pets that can Decorate your Backyard (Garden Decor ideas)

5 Cute statues of Birds and Pets out of waste woods to Decorate your Backyard (Garden Decor ideas)

Owl, Cat, Woodpecker and other birds statue.. All these statues are made in different attractive colors and smaller in size so to fit them permanently on trees and tree branches. These type of wooden statues can be simply make from the wooden wastage parts. You should have the following skills to do the statues - Drawing, Designing the parts, Cutting, painting...    

Wooden bird sculptures for graden decors

Wooden cat statue fitted on Trees

cute birds sculpture on garden trees - garden decor ideas

Owl statue in garden decor

garden decoration with wooden statues - woodpecker carving from waste woods
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8 Giant Sculptures Out of waste woods

Amazing Sculptures of Trolls, giants, and even an evil wolf, etc...

Thomas Dumbo, Danish artist and designer in Copenhagen. Together with his team, Thomas makes a beautiful and fun projects from the "garbage" - recycled material, scrap wood and leftover construction materials which they find in the city's dumpsters to fabricate fantastically gigantic sculptures. By creating these wonderful sculptures, they hope to amuse the people, that they are quite successful.

The artist's overall intention is to inspire others to recycle discarded materials in a creative fashion.

A team of young talented artists engaged in decorate festivals, music concerts, children's playgrounds and create a three-dimensional, fun and colorful sculptures that look great on city streets and in parks. The artists not only creating sculptures made of wood, but also has extensive experience with the creation of sculptures in other waste materials: plastic and even cardboard.
sculptures made of wood

amazing wood sculptures
Olav - the wolf - a sculpture for the rock festival, Copenhell, which took place in 2015. Thomas and his team were asked to do evil staring wolf as a symbol of the festival, and Olav was born.
Giant wolf Sculptures Out of waste wooden
Named in honor of a good friend of Thomas, who was in a group of volunteers to help building the sculpture. Olav was made solely from waste woods from local industries.
Giant wolf Sculptures Out of waste wooden
This Hector El Sculpture - Thomas Dambos contribution to the art festival Culebra Es Ley on Culebra Island in Puerto Rico. Hector was done in 5 days. Now Hector - permanent installation to protect the island from the visitors "with bad intentions in relation to the nature of the island."
Thomas Dumbo wooden sculptures

Giant Troels The Troll sculpture, who is holding a swing for children to play on. The adorable goblin's hair is composed of wild plants that were transferred from a local park.
Giant Troels The Troll sculpture with swing
Ben. Thomas and his team have done for the Northside Music Festival in Aarhus recently, in 2015. Ben pitched his 11 meter legs for people, so they can relax.

Artists Doing Amazing Things With Recycled Materials
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Sunday, 24 July 2016

15 Best out of waste projects for School Children (Toys, Crafts & Decoratives)

Images of Best out of waste materials ideas for school Children \ -

Class room decoration using waste things...

Working on school projects can be fun and interesting job for School kids to participate in best out waste competitions, school exhibitionsThe pictures shown here will create lot more ideas to make your own crafts and toys using waste bottles, Juice cans, bottle caps, threads, CDs or DVDs, paper cups, paper boxes, Scrape materials, etc..  These toys and crafts made out from waste materials will decorate the places where it has been kept in the display.  Create Brilliant ideas on your own

Snake toy out of Waste Bottle caps.. 
bottle cap snake craft for kids, DIY fun toys, scrape materials
best from waste school projects for elementary school children
 Elephant Shape Wall hanging craft from waste Cans and Bottle caps...

Elephant toy, Best out of waste cans bottles toy for school project
 Dog toy from waste cold drink bottles...
recycle cold drink bottle toy dog for school projects display
 I think it must be a bird..
School Project Ideas For Kids, best crafts for kids out of waste things
 Lizard out of waste bottle caps...
waste water bottle cap lizard toy school project for kids
best out of waste ideas for school children, waste cans and bottle caps form an amazing animal shape toy
 Owl and Birds Toys for Kids school project from Juice cans, CDs, and color papers ...
Recylce waste materials school project toys for kids, interesting school projecct ideas picture
 Bottle cap Flowers...
School project idea for kids, flower decoration
 Kind of car from waste bottles...
used plastic bottle toy how to make idea
 Flower vase decorative craft from waste water bottles and colors... This can be used in home showcase decorations or Class room decoration purpose...
waste bottle decoration craft for school projects, class room decoration using waste bottle
 Bottle Tortoise, Bottle plant seedling projects...
waste bottle toys, things made from waste material for school project
 waste can, bottle with caps wall hanging project...
waste material toys, Wall hangings for class room decortion
 Waste coffee cup bear... it requires dedication and patience to complete the project..
waste paper cup bear toy for school projects for children
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Saturday, 23 July 2016

DIY Car cellphone holder (Car Smartphone Mount)

You can Make a perfect mount for your smartphone in your car without spending your money. 

DIY Car cellphone holder (Car Smartphone Mount) , cell phone car mounts, best cell phone car mount, Car Phone Holder, Smartphone mounts for your car, phone holder for car air vent
 Materials Required:

 – Binder Clip
 – Rubber Bands (4 or 5)

DIY Steps for Car Mobile phone Mount :

1. Take the two metal sides of the clip out from the binder clip.

2. bend them to a 90 degree angle with a pliers and then put the clip back together.

3. Wrap the rubber bands around the clip.

4.  Now.. you are DONE with the inexpensive car cellphone mount.

Use the clip on your car air vent and then place your mobile phone in between the clips by stretching the rubber bands. 
DIY Car cellphone holder (Car Smartphone Mount) , cell phone car mounts, best cell phone car mount, Car Phone Holder, Smartphone mounts for your car, phone holder for car air vent

Friday, 22 July 2016

Garbage Art: Amazing Sculptures from Garbage wastes by Dario Tironi

Amazing Sculptures from Garbage wastes by Dario Tironi - Turn Electronic Waste Into Incredible Sculptures

Creative Best out of waste sculptures by Italian artist Dario Tironi. style of the art is impressive, colorful and lovingly crafted sculptures of humans and animals from unwanted waste materials.

Everything is recycled into art: Discarded toys, old computer parts, broken calculator or plastic bottles glued together carefully. The artist created his own special art which allow the viewer a different perspective on the concept of waste recycling.

Garbage art - Human face Sculpture
Turn Electronic Waste Into Incredible Sculptures, Junk art, recycled art, Turning Deadly E-waste Into Beautiful sculptures, e-Waste Art
Sculpture of a child from old electronic parts and Garbage Wastes - colorful and impressive Sculpture art
Garbage Art: Amazing Sculptures from Garbage wastes by Dario Tironi
 Mother and Child Sculpture
creating artwork out of electronic junk
Dog sculpture
art made from recycled materials

Art Made From Common Trash wastes, best out of wastes
 The portrait of a man from Garbage wastes (Electronic wastes)

junk art projects

 The features of this Sculpture look absolutely realistic

 Source: Dario Tironi

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Apron made from Mens Shirt - DIY, Design and Tutorials

Aprons made out from Mens Shirts. very unique apron with neat look... You should get an idea of how to make a man's shirt into an apron (Convert a men's shirt into an apron) from this post. Don't miss to watch the video tutorials given below. Scroll down to watch the Apron making video tutorials.  

Convert a men's shirt into an apron
how to make a man's shirt into an apron, diy apron from old shirt

detailed instructions on how to make an apron from a man's shirt
Refashioning: Transform an old men's dress shirt into a collared apron 

How to Cut and Stitch Apron from old Shirt Video Tutorial 1:

 how to make a man's shirt into an apron, diy apron from old shirt, How to Make Men's Dress Shirt Apron

How to Cut and Stitch to make an Apron from Man's Shirt - Video Tutorial 2:

 how to make a man's shirt into an apron, diy apron from old shirt, How to Make Men's Dress Shirt Apron
Detailed instructions and method of cutting and stitching the shirt is completely given in the above video tutorials. I hope you enjoyed watching and learning the step by step Apron making guide.

Tips for tailors, sewing ideas, textile ideas for new models, recycle old shirt into apron idea with instructions, diy kitchen cloth, diy ideas, shirt apron pattern.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Double Bed rooms with grey wall paint

Double Bed rooms with grey wall paint..

Beautiful double rooms with walls in gray.
Of various shades, light gray, dark gray and many others. "Grey cloudy, gray beige middle, blue-gray, storm gray, concrete gray, gray and gray"... lol know more than a thousand colors, right?

If you have good lighting, furniture or light fittings, it gives a prominent look and gray is a neutral color that goes well with everything.

Perfect Grey Paint for Any Room

 Wall in different shades of gray.
Wall elegantly decorated in white, black and gray..

grey painted bedrooms

Sometimes the head of the bed is in the window side  is so better use of natural lighting..

light grey painted walls

 Wall dark gray.
With little white and pink decoration makes a romantic bedroom..
best gray for bedroom walls

Monday, 18 July 2016

Recycling CDs with Egg shells ~ Best painting Art out of waste CDs and Egg Shells

DIY Wonderful Painting art on waste CD or DVDs. 

Materials required:
Waste old CD or DVD
Egg shells
Color Paints
Paint brush

Recycling CDs with Egg shells - Best Art out of waste CDs
I had seen some work with this crackle technique with Egg shells on Google plus and want to share it my blog visitors.  So don't waste egg shells and waste cds. This smart method will be useful for you to make an amazing CD art.

Best out of waste ideas, Recycle old CD ideas, amazing Painting  art on Scratch CDs and dvds.
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