Friday, 5 December 2014

Innovative idea: 2-in-1 purpose School bag cum writing desk out of recycled carton for poor kids

Innovative ideas: Two in one purpose School bag cum writing desk made out of recycled discarded cartons for poor kids | Best out of waste used carton boxes for Poor School kids | Waste cardboard recycling project | kids study desk ideas

This creative recycled product is a fantastic combination of two in one purpose school bag cum study desk for poor school going children. 

In India, a remarkable project has set a goal that will revolutionize the children daily needs, give them a two in one purpose school bag and a writing desk for them to learn effectively in school. Through a program that utilizes used cardboard for recycling into a Modular backpack.
best products out of waste materials for poor school kids
Innovative and creative idea: 2 in 1 purpose School bag cum writing desk made out of recycled carton box for poor kids
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keeping books inside recycled carton school bag, folding creative carton desk into a bag

cheap school bags for kids, DIY school bags from waste materials

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Many Poor children in India learning in school, often in difficult conditions, even without the ground material to transport their belongings. Considering this conditions Aarambh Association had a partnership with DDB Mudra agency to set up a Help Desk project to develop an innovative product. This project has come up with an amazing and creative idea of recycling used cartons to transform them into a cheap and useful material for School going kids. Their Help desk can be folded and used as a briefcase to keep the belongings inside when the kids going home and unfold the box to use it as a desk in school or at home while doing homework. This innovative product becomes an Ecological, economic, portable and educational initiative that has many advantages and it costs about 15 cents to manufacture a box/bag.

This humanitarian program warms our heart! It's very moving to see that there are people who act to provide a better future for poor children in the world. There is of course a lot of work to do but this is a good start and we can only encourage this kind of initiative..
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